Nomad and Consul Connect Integration

Hi, I’m trying to get a simple Nomad Consul Connect integration working as we pilot a POC project to migrate to Nomad from Docker Swarm. I’m following the tutorial guides and having no luck unless I run the Nomad agent in -dev mode. Here’s the error I receive when trying to run a nomad job plan:

  • WARNING: Failed to place all allocations.
    Task Group “api” (failed to place 1 allocation):
    • Resources exhausted on 3 nodes
    • Dimension “network: no addresses availale for “” network” exhausted on 3 nodes

Here’s my job file:
job “foo” {
datacenters = [“oly-ci”]

group “api” {
network {
mode = “bridge”

service {
name = “count-api”
port = “9001”

 connect {
   sidecar_service {}


task “web” {
driver = “docker”
config {
image = “hashicorpnomad/counter-api:v1”

CNI plugins have been downloaded and placed in /opt/cni/bin, and I’ve added that to the PATH on the host. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here?

sharing the configs might help.

off the top of my head, have you enabled the grpc port? (8502) in the configurations ?

Hi @dlightsey, you mention running the Nomad agent in -dev mode, but there’s actually a special -dev-connect mode useful for experimenting with Connect features.

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Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I’ve got it up and working wonderfully now. I was on version 0.12.0, so I upgraded the agents to 0.12.5 and everything started working. Also upgraded consul to 1.8.4 as well.