Nomad ci/cd tool

I’m in the lookout for tools that are able to connect to nomad API and provide easy to use CD experience especially around blue/green and canary deployments.
So far I’ve found only spinaker with the example plugin but couldn’t find any others. Would be happy to hear on your experiences.

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Jenkins declarative pipeline expanding to separate Nomad jobs (templatized) has been a long running thought experiment of mine.

It makes sense to me (aka “compiles in my mind fine”) but haven’t got around to proof of concept.

Jenkins for gui and parameters input, Nomad as orchestrator. :grinning::innocent:

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Seriously, check out

The butler has served us well, let’s now give him the well deserved retirement he wants.


Hi @YafimK :wave:

There’s a community-led list of tools for Nomad here, with a section for CI/CD:

You are probably aware of this, but just leaving the link here for anyone else that might find this post. Nomad provides some deployment strategies out-of-the-box. It’s far from a full CI/CD pipeline control, but it could be used as a building block or in some simpler scenarios.

Here are some tutorials on this topic:

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Thanks! I actually looked at it - I also inspected Nelson and currently looking at with nomad plugin … but it doesn’t seem production ready.
Actually summarizing it up - levant with UI would be perfect :slight_smile: or even better spinnaker with mature nomad plugin that has ability to work with promethous to support canary deployments.

Hahahaha!!! Love this comment!