Nomad / Consul Connect and Cluster Configurations

I wonder, if it’s a common use case to configure node/cluster traffic through the consul service mesh with Nomad.

In my case I want to setup a CockroachDB cluster that requires to configure a set of (3-5) peer nodes in a --join command line argument, which in my understanding would then require to be able to route traffic to specific service instances (which would then be mapped to different ports on localhost).

Any chance to configure that without having to create “virtual Consul services”?

I don’t think this is possible @markus.menner. Nomad’s Connect integration is designed to provide service mesh capabilities to apps running in Nomad, not to control plane services themselves.

FWIW if I were setting up an environment today I’d probably configure wireguard interfaces between nodes in the cluster out of band with Terraform/Ansible etc. and then build the control plane on top of that.