Nomad container netwokring across nodes on windows


I have a widnows server 2016 cluster, where I am using the host networking for both docker and host communications. We have a plan to migrate applications further into docker containers, which means we may end up with 100s of containers. now, I can’t use the host netwoking because we may run out of IPs.(IPv6 is not an option). So, I need to create the virtaul subnet so all the containers can use the ip from virtual subnet across the nodes. I think the cni is developed for the same reason, so I do not need to reinvent the wheel. If i would have used kubernetes I clould simply do kubectl -f apply calico/flannel/etc . but how do I achieve the same thing with nomad. Does nomad provide any kind of cni inbuilt to faciliate the comms across workloads on various nodes. I am not very happy to use calico, flannel or weave since they are not natively supported on windows. I’d appericiate any suggestions/guidance.