Nomad job list parameters

Per, there’s an example of how to do a string variable:

        args = ["-campaign=${NOMAD_META_CAMPAIGN_ID}"]

Is there a way to do arbitrary list parameters? Something akin to

        args = ["${NOMAD_META_args}"]

so that with an input of -foo -bar I end up with

        args = ["-foo", "-bar"]

I don’t think the following will work due to globbing:

        args = ["-foo -bar"]


Hi @chomey,

Nomad requires the k/v styled argument passing when using parameterised jobs. It would be possible to achieve something similar using the args=["-list-things=comma,delimited,items"], although this assumes the application that is accepting the args is able to split the string correctly. Does this work for you?

jrasell and the Nomad team

Hm, I can make it work, but it definitely adds a layer of inconvenience to our customers using it. I’m a little surprised there isn’t a splat operator available. Thanks for your help though!