Nomad leader not accept jobs

Hello. We have a cluster with 6 servers with same nomad configuration and version, hardware parameters ( cpu,ram,disks) etc. All jobs are located on the nomad client servers, but only the leader not accept any jobs. What is the reason?

Hi @yyovchev can you describe your setup in a little more detail? As described in the operating guide, a Nomad agent runs as either a Client or a Server (or both). Clients run the actual tasks, and Servers control the Clients, handle job submission, etc. Are you sure Nomad is configured as a Client on every node you expect tasks to run?

Hello @seth.hoenig thank you very much for your fast reply.
I have6 servers - all servers are client and server both.
Network settings are:

The current leader is host5.
If I restart it, other server will be become a leader. For parameters “advertise” I set the correct IP for the current host (for example host1 I setup for “advertise” parameter). For “retry_join” parameter I skip himself IP - for example for host5 I skip (please see the configuration bellow).

Here is my configuration for host5 (the current leader):
cat /etc/nomad.d/nomad.hcl

data_dir = “/var/lib/nomad”
datacenter = “XXX”
bind_addr = “”

advertise {
http = “”
rpc = “”
serf = “”

server {
enabled = true
bootstrap_expect = 2
server_join {
retry_join = [“”,“”,“”,“”,“” ]

client {
enabled = true
network_speed = 1024
node_class = “hosting”


plugin “raw_exec” {
config {
enabled = true

consul {
address = “”

Can you help me about this issue? Thank you very much for your time!