Nomad load distribution - 3 clients - 1 empty

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we’re using a nomad cluster with 3 client nodes.

Everything work fine but I noticed that load is only distributed onto 2 of the 3 nodes. One node seems empty all the time. Maybe it’s a config issue or normal behavior.

It’s fine for rolling upgrades of the cluster but it would be nice if load would be evenly distributed to all 3 nodes.

Is that supported by nomad? (Nomad v1.6.1)

Hi @bartling.jan,

This will be as a result of bin-packing, the default scheduling algorithm Nomad uses when performing workload placements. The scheduling concepts page has more information on this, if you wanted a deeper dive.

Nomad also supports the spread algorithm which can be modified using the operator scheduler API endpoint or the related CLI command.

jrasell and the Nomad team

Thank you for your fast help!

Your advice and links solved my issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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