Nomad logs and allocations debugging

I have a few jobs defined in cron however it is a bit hard to figure out which node they ran as I have 15 nodes and where it created the alloc directory with stdout files so if there was an exception (java app) then we can debug and fix .

As you can see one of this job, I have no idea which host it ran and how did it go as it should be running everyday at 8 am .I also ran “nomad job status” but it only shows running jobs …not the ones that are dead … how do I find out what allocations and which node did this job run on ?

nomad job status job1
ID                   = job1
Name                 = job1
Submit Date          = 2023-06-23T16:37:18-04:00
Type                 = batch
Priority             = 50
Datacenters          = prod
Namespace            = default
Status               = running
Periodic             = true
Parameterized        = false
Next Periodic Launch = 2023-06-26T08:00:00Z (11h29m56s from now)

Children Job Summary
Pending  Running  Dead
0        0        3

No instances of periodic job found

Hi @sammy676776,

Nomad will periodically garbage collect internal resources such as allocations and jobs which are terminal after a certain period of time. The threshold and period can be controlled via the server configuration to suit your needs. It is worth noting that increasing the threshold will put more memory pressure on the Nomad servers, as they will need to store more data then previously.

jrasell and the Nomad team