Nomad not adding iptable rules for every job unless restarted

I’ve recently set up Nomad along with CNI plugins on a single host by following the documentation. I spun up three separate jobs to deploy my p2p application with 3 different peers, each utilizing the exec driver (hence, not relying on Docker). Each job includes a networking section for ports configuration and multiple services sections.

I’m encountering a peculiar issue where these peers are unable to communicate with each other initially. Strangely, if I restart Nomad, communication becomes possible. This behavior is consistent - I’ve brought down all three jobs and repeated the process with the same result.

I’m puzzled about what might be causing this. The Nomad logs don’t reveal any errors or issues. Has anyone else experienced something similar or have any insights into what could be going wrong? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

nomad version
Nomad v1.6.2
BuildDate 2023-09-13T16:47:25Z
Revision 73e372ad94033db2ceaf53468b270a31544c23fd