Nomad OSS namespace and service discovery

First, congratulations Nomad team on a huge milestone - 1.0.0 is looking quite appealing and you all must be proud!

I had a question now that Namespace is making its way to OSS - how does service stanza/name/discovery work in this world?

For example if I have nomad joined to a consul cluster and I deploy the same job that has a service registration of “A” to nomad namespace 1 and 2 - how are the service(s) registered in consul?

Do I see two instances of A? 2 different service names or tags? Just curious how that all works given consul OSS doesn’t have namespaces

Thanks for any insight!


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Just tried this on Nomad v1.0.1. The Nomad namespace was not used when registering the service. Services with the same name in different namespaces appear as a single service in consul with 2 instances.

Ideally we’d be registering the services in specific Consul namespaces. But currently we don’t have support for multiple Consul namespaces as we do for Vault. I believe it’s on the roadmap though.

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