Nomad - persistent volumes on premise (what do you use?)


I am building nomad cloud across bare-metals and I am still not sure what kind of storage I should use. My favorite is the Linstor but I didn’t find any documentation on how to connect it together. What persistent volume solution do you prefer?

Thanks for the recommendations…

I don’t know if there is a plugin for Linbits Linstor already, but

Jobs can claim storage volumes from AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes, GCP persistent disks, Ceph, Portworx, vSphere, etc.

I think Portworx or Ceph should do it.


A list of available CSI plugins can be found in the Kubernetes CSI documentation. Any of these plugins should work with Nomad out of the box.

Linstor should work.

Hi Wolfsrundel,

thanks for your reply. I’ve red the list of csi documentation. I asking there for recommendation and insights from production.

Linstor seems to be fastest, but it is not well integrated with nomad so I am not sure with it still.
I can’t use AWS, Azure or GCP our servers run out of these cloud providers, we use many physical servers from multiple providers so I need provider independent solution but something robust, cheap and easy (I know how funny it sounds :smiley: )

No one use nomad with persistent storage? Share your experience with me, please.

Thanks in advance