Nomad potential feature feedback - Community input wanted!

Hey all,

I’m a product manager on the Nomad team, and I am exploring a few potential feature ideas.

If you’re interested in giving some feedback on some ideas we’re exploring for Nomad 1.9 and 1.10, grab a time slot with this link and we can chat! - Calendly - Mike Nomitch

Some of the ideas we’re exploring:

Ideally I can gauge interest in a few of these ideas, ask some follow ups, and then give you 15 minutes or so for free-form feedback/thoughts.

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Nomad is great, I am really happy on the work that is being done with podman.

I would like tosee something like an official integration with libvirt, qemu task driver is very limited, if nomad could leverage libvirt it would probably offer a much robust implementation which probably would allow for much more complex use cases around virtualization, maybe something similar kubevirt.

Maybe libvirt is not the right tool, but more polished and robust system to handle virtualization would open more doors to Nomad

The same applies to vagrant, terraform those products have community plugins based on libvirt. If such thing could materialise maybe some portions of code could be shared across products to improve this integration.