Nomad Prometheus

hi, :wave:I deployed it exactly as I did in this article, but found that some of the metrics were not available and how should I investigate them

  • nomad : 1.2.6

not found:nomad_nomad_job_summary_running


Hi @x602,

Nomad doesn’t pre-declare its metrics at startup. This means metrics that have not been triggered or that have expired will be removed completely from the output.

If you would like Nomad to pre-declare its metrics I think it would be worth raising a feature request against the Nomad repository.

jrasell and the Nomad team

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hi @jrasell

Thank you for your reply, so I understand if I want to enable this indicator “nomad_uonomad_ojob_summary_oronning”, do I need other settings

I actually want to enable this indicator in the current environment,

Incidentally, I want to use this template normally. At present, the nomad index used in this template has not been obtained normally