Nomad support for mounted volumes with Podman

I am doing some proof of concept work using Nomad to orchestrate several different containers running on RHEL 8 hosts using Podman. I am using the Nomad Podman driver to execute my containers using Podman. I have shared state in the form of an Elasticsearch data directory that I mount into /usr/share/elasticsearch/data .

I initially tried to get this working by defining a host volume in the Nomad client configuration, then adding a volume stanza that references my host volume and a volume mount stanza that references the volume in my Nomad job specification. That approach didn’t work - no errors, but the mounting never happens.

After some digging, I found that the Podman task driver’s capabilities documentation says that volume mounts are not supported. Instead, I seem to have to use the more limited driver-specific volumes configuration.

So my question is this: Is the lack of support for volume mounts just a temporary shortcoming that will eventually be supported? It does appear that the Docker task driver supports volume mapping and only Podman does not, so perhaps the Podman driver is just not there yet? Or is there a specific reason why there is a difference between how Docker supports volumes and how Podman does it?