Nomad task cant find raw_exec driver on windows

I have a nomad task that is configured to use the raw exec driver. I have enabled raw exec on to different windows clients and i see the raw exec driver as healthy in the nomad ui. When i run a nomad plan it says that the issue is missing driver. I have tried enabling raw exec on a linux system and the nomad plan shows that it is able to allocate the job. I am running nomad server and client v1.3.1 and the windows version is windows 10 1703. Nomad client is running on windows as a services, configured as described in hashicorp documentation. Any thoughts?

Hi @ajd394 !, any chance you can post

  • the job file
  • the output of nomad node status -self -verbose on the Windows node
  • the output from running nomad job plan with the error you describe