Nomad Update behavior having a service with only one allocation

Let’s assume we have the following simple job-file:

job "thinywebapp" {

datacenters = [ "isys_poc" ]

group "demo" {

count = 1

network {

port "http" {

to = 9000



task "webapp" {

driver = "docker"

config {

image = "whatever"

ports = [ "http" ]


service {

port = "http"

When the job is updated (version-number of image increased for example), the actual allocation is stopped and a new one started.

However, is there apossibility to change the order? To start the new allocation first, wait min_healthy_time and if the new one is healty stop the old one?
This would ensure a zero-down-time.

Hi @frank.wettstein,

There is unfortunately no way currently to control the ordering in which Nomad performs deployment updates. Issue #8538 has some useful additional information and context.

jrasell and the Nomad team