Nomad update groups separately within a job


According to the update stanza, the parameter max_parallel applies for tasks within a group.
The doc also states that The task groups themselves are updated in parallel
I was wondering if there is a way to update groups within a single job separately, using stagger.
Meaning, a job with 3 groups will wait X between updating groups 1-3.


Hi @Dgotlieb,

The update stanza can be used to control how the deployment progresses in exactly the manner you describe. The rolling update Learn guide has more information on this along with examples that could be useful.

jrasell and the Nomad team

Thanks @jrasell for your answer!
So, what I did was adding the update block at the job level.

  update {
    max_parallel = 1
    stagger      = "5m"

My job has 3 identical groups.

I changed an env variable in all 3 groups and ran the updated job.
The result was that all 3 groups got updated at once.

Just to clarify… I’m not using a single group with count of 3, I’m using 3 different groups with count of 1

I will gladly add the job HCL, but before that I just want to make sure I got the logic correctly.