Nomad (v1.0.1) executor (raw_exec) processes appear to consume significant CPU on Windows

Nomad executor processes appear to consume significant CPU leading to overall high consumption of CPU.

some of the nomad executor processes seem to be consuming an average of around .37% or more. So if I schedule 100 tasks, then it would mean that it would result in the wrapper nomad processes for these consuming 37% of the CPU on their own apart from the CPU utilisation of the scheduled processes. Is this expected? Am I missing something here. I have tried to search the doc resources and also online for more information regarding the nomad wrapper process internal and cpu consumption, but however have not come across anything relevant and also have not come across any questions or posts of users having concerns related to this and hence I am posting here. Any help or advise would be very much appreciated.

For the image above with the wait chain analysis, nomad executor process seems to be consuming cpu waiting for the chid process. What could be the reason for this? I have even configured the telemetry collection interval to 5m to avoid any issues related to stat collection.