Nomad v1.3.0-beta.1 released

The Nomad team is excited to announce Nomad 1.3.0-beta.1. There are a number of exciting new features as well as smaller improvements and bug fixes. User feedback is appreciated before our upcoming release candidate and final release!

Please do not hesitate to file an issue on Github.

Major new features include:

  • Native service discovery: Register and discover services using builtin simple service discovery.
  • Edge compute improvements: Added support for reconnecting healthy allocations when disconnected clients reconnect.
  • CSI improvements: Add support for storage topology and several reliability improvements and bug fixes.
  • New Evaluations UI: Adds a new user interface for quickly viewing the status of recent evaluations across the entire cluster and digging into information on specific evaluations.
  • Default to Raft v3: Nomad servers will now default to Raft v3, which provides improved cluster management and operations. This is a backwards incompatible change, refer to our Raft v3 upgrade documentation for more details.

Please refer to the changelog for all of the enhancements and bug fixes, and the announcement blog post for more. Thank you to the community for all the contributions.

While the beta is not intended for production use, upgrading existing development clusters is an appreciated source of testing. Please read the upgrade guide for backward incompatibilities and remember that downgrading is not supported.


The Nomad Team

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