Nomad Variables for periodic jobs


We make the Nomad Vars accessible to jobs by creating the policy associations like so -

nomad acl policy create -namespace ns1 -job=job1 @some_policy.hcl

# some_policy.hcl
namespace "ns1" {
  variables {
    path "ns1-secrets" {
      capabilities = ["read", "list"]

This works fine for all jobs, but not for the periodic jobs as the job_id is not known beforehand. It is something like this periodic-1681713000. As a result we are unable to create this policy association.

Is there a way to use * (glob) in the job_id like this -
nomad acl policy create -namespace ns1 -job="*" @some_policy.hcl

Ideally we want all jobs in a namespace to have access to variables in that namespace. Instead of manually creating namespace and job_id associations. Not sure if there’s a way to do it.

Any guidance is welcome.