Non empty plan with list of computed atrributes


I’m developing a resource with an optional computed attribute named activitycodes.
This attribute is computed because the API will automatically create activitycodes when a resource is created.
If no activitycodes are provided there is no problem; the resource will read the automatically created activitycodes without an error.

If one or more activitycodes are provided in the config then I get an error with the following message:

After applying this test step, the plan was not empty.

I imagine this is because the state after being read has a combination of the activitycodes from the config and the automatically created activitycodes.

activitycodes currently has the following config:

`activitycodes`: {
    Optional:    true,
    Computed:    true,
    Type:        schema.TypeList,
    ConfigMode:  schema.SchemaConfigModeAttr,
    Elem: workforcemanagementbusinessunitactivitycodesResource,

I have tried using a TypeSet also and used all combinations of ConfigMode

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be resolved or is it natural to have a non-empty plan in this case?