Not able to see Loaded application on linux OS type

I wrote a terraform code for deploying a application with git. I was successful for windows but unsuccessful for linux. The application is not loading. Any leads?

Can you provide more details? Which provider? Which application?

I am trying to deploy a tomcat .war file onto azure app service of os_type linux. The .war file is in the git. So the app service has to fetch the .war application from git and deploy so that once I click on the default domain of app service, it should open the application. I tried with os_type windows but failed for linux. It is giving me 2 kinds of errors

  1. Your web app is running and waiting for your content

Your web app is live, but we don’t have your content yet. If you’ve already deployed, it could take up to 5 minutes for your content to show up, so come back soon.
2) ( Application Error

If you are the application administrator, you can access the [diagnostic resources]

provider azurerm