Not able to store the secret

Hey i am running the vault on dev and i am not able to store the cred it says no matches found

Use quotes around your value. β€œ@” is a reserved key in Vault that tells it to load the secret from a file. So it’s looking for a file and cannot find it.

Hai @aram , thanks for the quick response. Ok, putting the β€œβ€ around my value worked but when i store the other cred without β€œβ€ around the value it is taking any particular reason for that?

This is not the issue here. The first screenshot shows an error from zsh, showing the shell raised an error before even invoking the Vault command.

You are using a shell - zsh apparently, from the error message in your earlier screenshot. It is up to the shell to parse the characters you type into separate arguments, before the Vault CLI ever gets hold of them - so this isn’t really a Vault question.

I am not familiar with zsh myself, but I believe it’s fairly well established, so hopefully it would have some good docs to read about how it parses commands, and what special meanings it assigns to characters.

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