Not all applied changes in affect within AWS

I’m not sure if this is a Terraform idiosyncrasy I am missing or an AWS thing. I’m hoping the experience on this forum can help guide me. Be gentle, I’m a Databse Engineer learning Terraform, not Devops. So speak slowly.

I have an AWS Ec2 Instance built with an existing Terraform template a few weeks ago. I wanted to update the Ec2 instance with three updates - a IAM Policy Change, an adjustment to require IMDSv2, and IOPS/throughput increase to existing block devices.

When I issue a “terraform plan” I see that all changes are accounted for and there seems to be no syntax issue. When I issue “terraform apply”, I see that the everything runs cleanly and the changes have been applied to the proper Ec2 Instance.

However, when I log into the AWS console to verify the changes - only the IAM Policy has taken affect. The IMDSv2 and disk changes are not showing. I’m not sure why.

Worried my syntax may be wrong, I built an Ec2 Instance with the updated template from scratch (as opposed to an update). The new instance reflects all new changes. So I know the templating and syntax should be correct.

Any advice? Thank you in advance for your help.