Not possible to create workspaces from version >=0.13 with Swift Backend

In our setup with Terraform and Openstack, the remote state is managed by swift.

We have been working with Terraform 0.12 and were were able to create new workspaces. But we have decided to reinstall Terraform with the version 0.14 and everything is working except the creation of the new workspaces. Even if all the containers are removed on swift and the terraform init command is working properly, the following command is giving us an error:

terraform workspace new test

failed to lock state in Swift: Resource not found

terraform.exe -v
Terraform v0.14.9


terraform.exe -v
Terraform v0.12.28

  • provider.openstack v1.40.0

So after reinstalling again the version 0.12 the creation of the new workspaces is allowed.

Do you know how this issue for the creation of a new workspace could be solved with the versions 0.13 and 0.14?

Thansk in advance