Notification Configurations API missing "planned"?

I’m looking to get a notification with a run reaches the PLANNED state. That is - a plan was run, and it’s waiting for a “Manual apply”.

However, based on the API documentation, it doesn’t seem like there’s a trigger for this? I can only see one for “planning” (before the plan is done).

I think you’re looking for run:needs_attention, which is used when a plan has changes but needs a manual apply.

OK. Will needs_attention occur in any other circumstance, or only if plan was successful and has changes to make?

Also, is there a way to access the plan.out (what you’d get with “terraform plan -out”)? I only see a JSON output.

The only situations where this event will fire are after a plan successfully completes with changes, and does not automatically apply. The run may stop here because the workspace is in manual confirmation mode, or because a policy check soft fails.

Not as far as I’m aware. Only the JSON formatted plan output is available.

Is there a space for feature requests for TF Cloud?