NSX-T context profile


I’m using the above resource. It’s not clear to me how to populate the domain name value with unique URLs.

resource "nsxt_policy_context_profile" "aw-urls" {
  display_name = "TF-ArcticWolf-URLs"
  description     = "Terraform provisioned Security Policy"

  tag {
      scope = "managed-by"
      tag   = "terraform"

  domain_name {
    description = "AW-PublicURLs"

    value       = ["*-myfiles.sharepoint.com"]

    #Does not work
    #value       = ["*.arcticwolf.net","*.rootsoc.com","*.msftconnecttest.com","*.arcticwolf.com"]

Ahh, yes error messages.
Error: Attribute values [*.arcticwolf.net] are not valid for attribute type domain_name