Null resource creation in Java


when I start from a java project and I add the null provider in my cdktf.json like this:
“terraformProviders”: [“aws@~> 2.0”, “null@~> 2.0”],
and I do a cdktf get, all the classes are generated under package “import.null”.
However, “null” is a reserved Java keyword and thus the code breaks.

Is there a workaround possible for this issue or is this considered a bug?

Also in the generated Resource class, there is no addOverride() method available to use as escape hatch. I was trying to do something similar as in Null resource creation?. Any suggestions on how I can achieve this in Java?

This is definitely a bug.
You could do a find/replace on the package name, but definitely not ideal.

The addOverride method is actually defined in a parent class. Should be possible to use.