Number of tokens inconsistent?

I see some inconsistent number of tokens in vault. When I query the API endpoint /v1/sys/internal/counters/tokens I get a reply where “data”:{“counters”:{“service_tokens”:{“total”:19053}}}.
However when I list /v1/auth/token/accessors I get a list with about 50 keys.
What are the other 19000 remaining service tokens?

A bit of background story: I want to do a migration to a new cluster following the standard backup/restore procedure with a raft storage. That seems to work fine, but I also do not want any cruft in the new system. The current vault is v1.6.2, the new vault I tried to use directly 1.16.1, and it seems to be fine.
The massive number of 19053 tokens is already existent in the old instance, I would like to avoid to start without this cruft in the new instance.

Is there a way to revoke every lease and every token besides the root token?

Thank you for any help.