OIDC claim_mappings will not override 'name' nor store it in metadata

So I have setup authentication using OpenID Connect client (namely Gitlab) but I can’t make newly created Entity Alias to have email of the user as a name.

I have defined claim_mappings as map[email:name] but this doesn’t change entity’s name to the user email, instead it uses user’s ID (from gitlab). It also doesn’t store this email in Entity’s metadata.

What I also noticed is that if I set mapping to something bogus, such as map[xyz:name] it’ll still allow the user to sign up, which shouldn’t happen as per the documentation

If a claim is configured in claim_mappings, it must existing in the JWT or else the authentication will fail. (it mentions JWT, but it’s from JWT/OIDC documentation)

in this case key xyz certainly doesn’t exist, so the login should fail?