Okta SSO tutorial?

With nomad 1.5.0, Single-sign On was announced with support for Okta.
Are there any tutorials specifically for Okta?
Will there be one?



Hi @Inveracity,

There isn’t one for Okta currently in the works, although we do have Auth0 coming soon. I’ll raise this internally though; thanks for the feedback.

jrasell and the Nomad team

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Thanks @jrasell much appreciated :slight_smile:

if I could just chime in, one for Google would be great for companies using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Big +1 on this request. Would love to see some documentation surrounding Nomad SSO via Okta.

(Perhaps even the aforementioned, soon-to-be Auth0 docs might be enough to help me “read between the lines” and get this setup with Okta.)