One-time password or vault secret for target connection


is there actually any way to establish the connection to the target with a one-time password or a vault stored secret? I am able to open a connection to the target through the worker but I need the user password or public key deployed to the target - otherwise I can’t authenticate my ssh session.

i couldn’t find any information or a clear statement about that topic, but perhaps I have overlooked something.

Thanks in advance.

As Hashicorp mentioned on the main webpage

Automate credential injection to securely access services and hosts with HashiCorp Vault. Reduce risk of leaking credentials with dynamic secrets and just-in-time credentials.

How is the automate credential injection managed?

Hi @chg-s - the Vault integration features is still a work in progress. But today, you can manually request a credential from Vault and use it in a session with Boundary. More on a formal integration soon!