Open Telekom Cloud: Get instance attributes of auto scaling group

I created a auto scaling group in the Open Telekom Cloud provider:

resource "opentelekomcloud_as_group_v1" "worker" {
  scaling_group_name       = "worker"
  scaling_configuration_id =
  desire_instance_number   = 2
  min_instance_number      = 2
  max_instance_number      = 2

Now, I want to create an Ansible inventory to access the servers. The auto scaling group has an attribute instances, which is a list of strings containing instance IDs.

In order to write out a proper Ansible inventory, I need to access the property access_ip_v4 of those instances.

BUT: Terraform doesn’t know that those instances exist, it just sees a list of strings, there are no corresponding opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 resources.

Is there any way I can achive that in Terraform or must I create an external script? Can I e.g. map the ID strings to resources of the type opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 without actually creating them another time (they are alredy there as part of the ASG)?