OpenAPI Provider: How to specify path parameter values?

I have a question on how Terraform should/could handle this situation with a provider. I have a case where a VM is created via one resource and a vNIC can be added to that VM via another resource. My question is related to the vNIC second resource. That resource has a rather limited configuration argument set. Behind that vNIC resource the provider is calling this API on the backend hypervisor:


However, the vNIC resource does not have a antlet-name configuration argument. I bolded the antlet-name as something the Provider is calling but I can’t seem to find a way to influence that value.

So my question is can Terraform call the vNIC resource and instrument the vNIC API URL appropriately via the Terraform file setup ? The resource itself looks like this:

resource antsle_vnics {
source = “br0”
type = “bridge”

But as mentioned above, this vNIC resource swagger definition doesn’t have a antlet-name definition that I can see.

which provider is this?
terraform can do very little on it’s own, all resources are managed as defined in the provider.

The Provider is this one:

I’ve posted a question to the Antsle forums as well asking if anyone knows how to use Terraform against an Antstle vNIC resource. I asked here to see if this the URL question is something that Terraform can influence.