OpenIndiana binaries?

Hello, sorry if this has been asked before; but when I visit

I see binaries for Windows, Linux and MacOS but not for Solaris and/or OpenIndiana.

Is there a version somewhere for OpenIndiana please ? OpenIndiana has VirtualBox in their repository.

Also when I go to

I don’t see a source code package only .rpm and .deb and .zip etc.

Thank you,
David Stes

Vagrant source code is available on GitHub:

Current Vagrant versions are based on Ruby (this will change in 3.0), I’m not sure if there’s actually a recent Ruby version for Solaris. Also Vagrant is not supposed to manage VMs in a production environment.

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Thank you for this helpful answer.

The OpenIndiana test server is not a production machine, just a test system.

It has:

pkg list | grep ruby

runtime/ruby 2.6-2020.0.1.0 i–
runtime/ruby-26 2.6.6-2020.0.1.2 i–

ruby --version

ruby 2.6.6p146 (2020-03-31 revision 67876) [amd64-solaris2.11]

Also it has:

pkg list | grep virtualbox

system/virtualbox 6.1.22-2020.0.1.2 i–

I’ll give the install from source code a try following the instructions at

David Stes

The installation worked.

But the command “vagrant” is however printing

You appear to be running Vagrant outside of the official installers.
Note that the installers are what ensure that Vagrant has all required
dependencies, and Vagrant assumes that these dependencies exist. By
running outside of the installer environment, Vagrant may not function
properly. To remove this warning, install Vagrant using one of the
official packages from

Also I succesfully ran the QuickStart example with the Ubuntu 18.x

I could rephrase my original question as “is going to provide official packages for vagrant” on either Solaris or OpenIndiana please ?

Certainly for Solaris 11.4 this would be useful. It seems from my test (installing from source) that basically it is possible.

David Stes

Would it be OK to create an IPS (Image Package System) package of Vagrant for VirtualBox and submit it for inclusion in OpenIndiana ?

I.e. is it allowed to package Vagrant for OpenIndiana ?

According to the LICENSE file the software is distributed under a MIT license which seems to explicitely allow one to do this, even sell the software (see LICENSE file in Vagrant source distribution).

The way I currently use vagrant is by installing it from source (and I use a ruby-2.7.4 also compiled from source).

$ ruby --version
ruby 2.7.4p191 (2021-07-07 revision a21a3b7d23) [i386-solaris2.11]

The system provided ruby 2.6 also works, but Vagrant seems to encourage to not use the system provided ruby.

In general I must say Vagrant seems to work very well on OpenIndiana.

David Stes