OpenIndiana binaries?

Hello, sorry if this has been asked before; but when I visit

I see binaries for Windows, Linux and MacOS but not for Solaris and/or OpenIndiana.

Is there a version somewhere for OpenIndiana please ? OpenIndiana has VirtualBox in their repository.

Also when I go to

I don’t see a source code package only .rpm and .deb and .zip etc.

Thank you,
David Stes

Vagrant source code is available on GitHub:

Current Vagrant versions are based on Ruby (this will change in 3.0), I’m not sure if there’s actually a recent Ruby version for Solaris. Also Vagrant is not supposed to manage VMs in a production environment.

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Thank you for this helpful answer.

The OpenIndiana test server is not a production machine, just a test system.

It has:

pkg list | grep ruby

runtime/ruby 2.6-2020.0.1.0 i–
runtime/ruby-26 2.6.6-2020.0.1.2 i–

ruby --version

ruby 2.6.6p146 (2020-03-31 revision 67876) [amd64-solaris2.11]

Also it has:

pkg list | grep virtualbox

system/virtualbox 6.1.22-2020.0.1.2 i–

I’ll give the install from source code a try following the instructions at

David Stes