Oracle Integration Cloud (ICS)provisioning using OCI Terraform

Hi All,

We want to provision Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC/ICS) using Terraform but couldn’t find the proper documentation in OCI registry. Is there any generic template to do so or any documentation that can help me. Any leads will be much appreciated.

Altaf Hussain

Hi All,

We were able to create the template for OIC instance but we got stuck with below error. Even though as per registry the parameter (IDCS Authentication Token) is optional but we are still get the below error

Enter a value: yes
oci_integration_integration_instance.TEST: Creating…

│ Error: 404-NotAuthorizedOrNotFound
│ Provider version: 4.30.0, released on 2021-06-09.
│ Service: Integration Instance
│ Error Message: CP-USER-API-41006: Failed to create integration instance, error encountered during IDCS Pat validation and the authentication information provided in the parameter [idcsAt] may not be valid, customerCompartmentId [ocid1.compartment.oc1…aaaaaaaakgjscotncvuolipoe4fvrp45rz4kvn5l5wbua4qqh5tpyfocugga], displayName [TEST]. CausedBy: Invalid token specified. Token should have three parts: header, payload and signature.
│ OPC request ID: ef6a6b4214326640417f6788dda6d120/E44C9C9D2F3E92982453A7DE61133DA6/BA35DA8AF3B3B6623C696092EAB35DAC
│ Suggestion: Either the resource has been deleted or service Integration Instance need policy to access this resource. Policy reference: Policy Reference

│ with oci_integration_integration_instance.TEST,
│ on line 1, in resource “oci_integration_integration_instance” “TEST”:
│ 1: resource “oci_integration_integration_instance” “TEST” {

Any leads will be appreciated a lot.