Organization.roots[0].id is null #27882

Hello there:


data "aws_organizations_organization" "organization" {}

Create OU:

resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "level_1_ous" {
  count = length(local.level_1_ou_arguments)
  name = local.level_1_ou_arguments[count.index].name
  parent_id =


Error: Attempt to index null value

  on .terraform/modules/organisation/organization/ line 32, in resource "aws_organizations_organizational_unit" "level_1_ous":
  32:   parent_id =
    | data.aws_organizations_organization.organization.roots is null

This value is null, so it does not have any indices

What I did for try to resolve this problem:

  • [nr] Added permission to my Admin account
  • [nr] input string with ID Root Org

Can anybody help me?

I am experiencing the same issue did you find a solution ?

You need to switch you organization to Advanced mode…

@AlexanderLahutsin can you elaborate on the “advanced” mode? How does one enable this? Not seeing much in AWS docs other than the fact that there are advanced features. We’re running into this issue currently with roots[0].id being null. Thanks in advance!