Output from state file and data lookup pass it to map


I am trying to extract the data from a remote state file output and pass it as a map for GCP umigs.

I am able to get the data out for instance name however I am not sure how to pass the zone data from output base on the name.

code is below:

resource "google_compute_instance_group" "test" {
  name        = "terraform-test"
  description = "Terraform test instance group"
 #instances = [ data.google_compute_instance.vm1.id ]
 instances = [ data.terraform_remote_state.compute.outputs.vm1.self_link ]

# instances = ["ahk-dc-prod-vm01"]
  zone        = "us-central1-a"
  project = "my-project"
#  network     = google_compute_network.default.id

Any pointers?