Packer build issues on credentials, validate passes

Hello Packer Community -

New to Packer and following a course in Packer. Using Packer 1.7.2 on Ubun 20.10 VM.

Trying to deploy to AWS and I am running under an user I created in AWS which is part of group Administrator and has all privileges. I am running in a vagrant box as it allows me to keep to latest toolsets. This is shown below.

My packer validate passes but packer build fails:
Error: Datasource.Execute failed: no valid credential sources for found.
Please see **
for more information about providing credentials.
Error: NoCreentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.
For verbose messaging see aws.Config.CredentialsChainVerboseErrors
** on template.json.pkr.hcl line 21:

(source code shown below)

I am using AWS CLI 2 and credentials file + config file are ok.
In fact sts get caller-identitity returns fine.

vagrant@vbUBUNiINFRA1:~ aws.sts.get-caller-identity 3304XXXX arn:aws:iam::3304XXXX:user/mono-acc.admin XXXXXXXXXXXXX vagrant@vbUBUNiINFRA1:~ aws.version
aws-cli/2.2.5 Python/3.8.8 Linux/5.8.0-53-generic exe/x86_64.ubuntu.20 prompt/off

The file I am trying to validate is as follows:
The ssh-username (below) is the only thing I change from the example (in book) to the default user in my credentials file based on which sts caller identity runs.

Not sure is ssh-username is the issue and what the ssh-username should be?
I tried root as well as ubuntu for the root AWS Linux AMI
Line 21 - where error shown occurs - is bolded-italicized

I use the same credentials and config file to run Terraform fine.
Thus I am not understanding as to why a similarly configured Packer templ will not work?

variable “aws_profile” {
type = string
default = “AWS PROFILE”

variable “region” {
type = string
default = “AWS REGION”

variable “instance_type” {
type = string
default = “EC2 INSTANCE TYPE”

variable “source_ami” {
type = string

data “amazon-ami” “autogenerated_1” {
filters = {
name = “Amazon Linux AMI-*”
root-device-type = “ebs”
virtualization-type = “hvm”
most_recent = true
owners = [“amazon”]
profile = “{var.aws_profile}" region = "{var.region}”

source “amazon-ebs” “autogenerated_1” { <== Line 21
ami_description = “Amazon Linux Image with Jenkins Server”
ami_name = “jenkins-master-2.204.1”
instance_type = “{var.instance_type}" profile = "{var.aws_profile}”
region = “{var.region}" source_ami = "{}”
ssh_username = “mono-acc.admin” ← tried “root” & “ubuntu” as well

build {
sources = [“”]

provisioner “shell” {
execute_command = “sudo -E -S sh ‘{{ .Path }}’”
script = “./”

Thanks for your help and insight.