Packer json to hcl conversion with Vault

I transformed my existing packer JSON to an HCL file using the “hcl2_upgrade” command. In the converted HCL file the following lines are added for the Vault variables:

could not parse template for following block: “template: hcl2_upgrade:4: function “vault” not defined”

variable “vcenter_admin” {
type = string
default = “{{vault kv/packer/ vc_username}}”

When run a packer build I’ve got the following error:

Error: render ‘password’: template: root:1:2: executing “root” at <vault kv/packer vc_password>: error calling vault: Vault vars are only allowed in the variables section in:

{{vault kv/packer vc_password}}

on w10-20h2.pkr.hcl line 125:
(source code not available)

Q: What do I need to change in my HCL file to make the Vault integration getting working again?

Does anyone have a suggestion?

I believe you need to use locals instead of input variables:

Thanks. Using locals did the trick.