Packer ova export issue using virtualbox-ovf + clean vm issue

Hi here,

I’m running a simple packer hcl file with the virtualbox-ovf builder.
I’m expecting to get an ova file at the end of the build execution, while the output_directory removes at the end of the build execution and I’m not getting any ova files (seems like packer isn’t export it).

Another problem: packer removes the VM at the end of the build execution even though keep_registered = true

Why it’s happening and how can I solve it?

My packer file:


source "virtualbox-ovf" "autogenerated_1" {
  communicator     = "winrm"
  shutdown_command = "C:\\Windows\\Systems32\\shutdown.exe /s /t 0 /f"
  source_path      = "win19-base.ova"
  winrm_host       = "packer"
  winrm_username   = "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
  winrm_password   = "XXXXXXXX"
  ssh_skip_nat_mapping = true
  winrm_insecure   = true
  winrm_use_ssl    = true 
  winrm_port       = 5986
  vboxmanage     = [["modifyvm", "{{ .Name }}", "--memory", "8192"], ["modifyvm", "{{ .Name }}", "--cpus", "12"], ["modifyvm", "{{ .Name }}", "--vram", "32"],["modifyvm", "{{ .Name }}", "--nic1", "bridged"]]
  vm_name          = "packer_output_template"
  output_directory = "./builds/"
  keep_registered = true

build {
  sources = ["source.virtualbox-ovf.autogenerated_1"]