Packer qemu kvm redhat 9 kernel panic

Hello all,

I am seeing a kernel panic when attempting to use packer to kickstart a Redhat 9 image.  I have verified that going directly through qemu/kvm (without packer) does not reproduce the issue.

Is there a command to list of the default used cpu flags, that I can iterate through to attempt to narrow down the issue?

Thanks in advance,

Oops. Attached the first image but not the Kernel panic. Here it is.

I was able to pass the ‘-cpu’ flag into qemuargs with the same args that VirtualManager used and everything worked.

-cpu host,x2apic=on,tsc-deadline=on,hypervisor=on,tsc-adjust=on,erms=on,vaes=on,vpclmulqdq=on,spec-ctrl=on,stibp=on,arch-capabilities=on,ssbd=on,xsaves=on,cmp-legacy=on,ibrs=on,amd-ssbd=on,virt-ssbd=on,rdctl-no=on,skip-l1dfl-vmentry=on,mds-no=on,pschange-mc-no=on

Hi i am newbie ,can you please share the packer template using qemu args.

Here is what I use. You just need to put a kickstart file ‘html/redhat_9.ks’ or modify the boot_command line to reference your kickstart file properly.