Passing multiple configuration files with the `--var-file=` flag

We are dealing with using a 13.7 Terraform image, and we found that a bug fix was put in place - at TF 13.2 specifically it appears - that requires us separate remote variables from other terraform / application variables. So for example we have a script that passes files on terraform plan using the --var-file= flag.

But the issue is, for example, we have devtest.tfvars and devtest_backend.tfvars, the latter before for our backend remote variables like the s3 bucket and so on, so we need to pass two files for the terraform plan.

Is there a way to do this via CLI, like can it just be comma separated using the single flag, meaning:

terraform plan --var-file=configurations/devtest.tfvars,configurations/devtest_backend.tfvars

Just curious how we can do this.