Password rotation support for 3rd party solutions

Hello, I’m in the process of evaluating Vault, and I want to make use of it’s automatic password rotation feature.

I know this feature works very well with Active Directory (or LDAP based solutions). But, I also need password rotation for other software solutions.

I’m wondering would I be able to have password rotation for a software that only offers me API access.

To be more precise, let’s imagine something like a WAF or Firewall that isn’t connected with AD/LDAP, and I can only interact with it through a REST API.

The API-only limitation is sadly a hard requirement.

Is password rotation possible for this scenario? and if so, how would I go about doing it?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, create a external script that makes API call to your WAF to update the password and API call to Vault to update the same password.