Path and options for saving a Packer VM image to GCP Artifact Registry

(Warning, Newbie here) I’m learning Packer by building a VM. I followed links to cloud-builders-community/packer example. Unfortunately this seems to be out of date. It pushes the output to … which I’m discovering is being deprecated in favour of Artifact Registry. It’s also using YAML instead of HCL2.

Is this old code and is there an up to date equivalent somewhere else?

Assuming I can or should continue using this sample code…
I’m confused about a couple things. Artifact Registry : Create Repository has options for Docker, Maven, etc. but does not have an option for VM images. Do I just choose Docker?

Then in cloud-builders-community/packer/cloudbuild.yaml what path do I use to replace appears multiple times.

  - name: ''
    args: ["${_PACKER_VERSION}/packer_${_PACKER_VERSION}"]
  - name: ''
    args: ['build', '-t', '$PROJECT_ID/packer:${_PACKER_VERSION}',
           '-t', '$PROJECT_ID/packer',
           '--build-arg', 'PACKER_VERSION=${_PACKER_VERSION}',
           '--build-arg', 'PACKER_VERSION_SHA256SUM=${_PACKER_VERSION_SHA256SUM}',
  _PACKER_VERSION_SHA256SUM: 8a94b84542d21b8785847f4cccc8a6da4c7be5e16d4b1a2d0a5f7ec5532faec0

  - '$PROJECT_ID/packer:latest'
tags: ['cloud-builders-community']