Per request TTL for Nomad Tokens via Nomad Secret Backend in Vault

I am unable to create a Nomad Token by passing TTL via Nomad Secret backend in Vault.


  • Create Nomad policy using API: {Nomad_Base_URL}/v1/acl/policy/test-policy-1
  • Create User role in Vault using above Policy (Policy provided in Body): {Vault_Base_URL}/v1/nomad/role/test-user-role
  • get Creds using vault Creds endpoint: {Vault_Base_URL}/v1/nomad/creds/test-user-role
  • All tokens received has lease duration as per /nomad/config/lease

What I want is to create a tokens based on TTL values I provide during API request.
I don’t see any such provision in documentation as well: Nomad Secrets Engine- HTTP API | Vault | HashiCorp Developer

Please refer Github issue for more details: Nomad Secret Backend should permit per-request/policy TTLs · Issue #7305 · hashicorp/vault · GitHub

What I want is to generate Nomad token with TTL value passed during API call, which can override TTL set in /nomad/config/lease.
Please suggest if I am missing something or there is an alternative endpoint for the same?