Performance issues - Consul agent consuming high memory - ubuntu 18.04

We have recently migrated our servers from Ubuntu 14.04 to ubuntu 18.04 and all of them including(14.04 and 18.04) have consul agent(v1.8.13) installed on them.

However, after migration we found that the memory usage on the ubuntu 18.04 servers for consul process is very high its consuming 1-1.6 GB of memory on ubuntu 18.04 servers. However on ubuntu 14.04 servers memory utilization is very lesser, on ubuntu14.04 its consuming only 100-300mb of memory.

Note :

  1. All of our configurations are handled by puppet so its same on our entire infra.
  2. There is one difference in our ubuntu 18.04 servers from 14.04 and that is we use to have 8-9 GB of swap memory available on 14.04 ubuntu servers but on. 18.04 ubuntu servers we removed that swap memory completely not sure if that can make an impact anyhow.

Please suggest on this what can be done to troubleshoot and fix this issue.