Persistent filesystem backend

Vault is deployed with docker-compose
Used a volum bind.
The file folder is created and is persistent. The secrets are not.
Any idea how to make the secrets persistent after bootstrapping a new vault container?

Hi @lioramilbaum1!

Make sure that your Vault instance is not running in development mode and that you’ve configured a valid storage backend for Vault (


Thanks Michel for your reply. It is already running as you suggested with no avail.

Ah, that’s too bad. Can you share steps to reproduce what you’re seeing? The Vault version, Vault configuration, docker compose file, and command you’re using to bind the volume?

Vault version: 1.3.2
Vault configuration file:

docker compose file:

command to bind the volue:
embedded in the docker-compose file

Hi @lioramilbaum1!

You mounted your Vault configuration to the host file system but you didn’t mount the file storage backend folder (e.g. /vault/file).


Are you sure it is required? If I am not mistaken, the vault Dockerfile is already taking care of it. Can you provide me a working example?