Persistent storage for Waypoint-managed ECS tasks?

Is there anyone out there attaching persistent storage to AWS Fargate tasks created by Waypoint? It doesn’t appear that there’s official support for this and I’m wondering how to accomplish it.

I’m considering a script in an after hook that amends the task definition and creates a new task with it but I also suspect that bypassing Waypoint like this could cause problems :hushed:

I ended up using the after hook, it seems to work fine, even with forcing a new service deployment.

If this works for you that is great! This may cause some implications with a destroy operation later on, but that is probably to be expected. Does writing to the existing Fargate Task not work for you? Are you looking for extra scratch space or are you looking for it to be persistent?

ya exactly, it needs to persist between deployments as it’s editable content that’s filesystem- and not database-backed.