PopOS 20.10 Guest OS support?

Is there any knowledge of PopOS being supported by Vagrant core? I’m seeing that it’s not a supported guest OS, at least by examining the guests code.

If it is supported, and I missed it, please guide me to the right area to handle the “guest operating system of the machine could not be detected” message.

If it’s not supported, is there any appetite for PopOS to be supported? I don’t mind trying my hand at adding this functionality.

Hi @ahplummer,

AFAIK Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu, so maybe duplicating/modifying its guest configuration already does the trick?

Thanks for that, @fhemberger … Indeed it does. For posterity, the correct Pop!_OS Vagrant file for a 20.10 box that I have is:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
    config.vm.box = "ahplummer/PopOS_20.10"
    config.vm.box_version = "1"
    config.vm.guest = "ubuntu"

Specifying the “ubuntu” is needed here, until PopOS has a bonafide Vagrant plugin for guest OS autodetection.